June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the love of my life!

Thank you for being the most wonderful, supportive, encouraging, and loving husband a girl could ask for.
Thank you for the smiles and laughter and sarcasm you bring into the home.
Thank you for being a playful dad and husband- even though I HATE being tickled, I love playing with you.
Thank you for always knowing how to lighten up the room by making me gag.
Thanks for letting me try anything I ever want to do, even though there may be a strong chance I won't succeed.
Thank you for being a strong and worthy priesthood holder who will call upon that power whenever needed.
Thank you for being the one that will sit with Ivy in the middle of the night while she needs a bath because her fever is so high.
Thank you for supporting me in having the girls in as many classes as they can handle.
Thank you for loving life and knowing how to help me enjoy it more too.
Thank you for having the most wonderful smile I have ever seen- it truly lights up a room.
Thank you for all that you did while I was so unable to do anything with my broken foot.
Thank you for being my "funny guy" when I'm taking pictures and can't get a natural smile.
Thank you for loving me with all of my faults.
Thanks for always being the one that jumps in and makes group activities happen.
Thank you for being the dad that gets involved in the girls and their friends.
Thank you for making our home a home with games inside and out.
Thank you for all that we have and the memories we have made together over the years.
Thanks for being my husband and the girls' dad.

You are wonderful and we love you!

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Kat said...

Love your tributes to your guys, i'm a little behind the 8-ball and catching up on mine today. funny i was thinking to use the pictures you scanned too! love you.