June 13, 2009

Tibble Fork- First Outing of the year

Sundays are a wonderful day to enjoy family and friends while experiencing the beauty of nature. The other day, after church, a group of us gathered up in the canyon for a picnic dinner and a nature walk by the lake. It was a beautiful evening- despite some rain. We all brought our own dinners and Jocelyn brought her very yummy brownies.

We will definitely be doing more of these outings throughout the summer. Feel free to join in and or recommend some wonderful places for our Sunday evening outings. The first was up American Fork Canyon at Tibble Fork. Of course, we won't be doing these every weekend.

I love taking pictures and capturing the joy that is found in the beautiful faces of children. I sometimes wonder if others find it obnoxious that I always have my camera in front of my face. I hope they don't - but I still wonder. I do need to do a better job of sharing the pictures with the other families I'm snapping. Here are some collages of the pictures that I took while we were up the canyon.

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