June 30, 2009

For Comfort and Warmth...

About 2 months ago, we received some sad news. Lisa, my cousin Josh's wife, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a young, strong, healthy and beautiful mother. Lisa was getting her physical in preparation for a humanitarian project she was taking some college students on. Instead of getting to do the trip, she prepared herself for a mastectomy, chemo and radiation.
Lisa is a very strong woman and she will be a fighter.
Since there is very little that I can do to help them (they live in Raleigh), I decided I would make Lisa a blanket. I got busy gathering pink fabrics for her to okay before she returned home from a quick Utah visit. I was so impressed that I found 2 with pink ribbons that I really liked. I wasn't sure about using the ribbon prints, so I checked with her first and was prepared to pull them, if she didn't like them.
I went to Raleigh last week and was able to take the blanket with me. I hope that while she is going through the chemo and radiation, that she is comforted and kept warm by this blanket.
We are praying for you, Lisa and Josh. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

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jennie said...

What a thoughtful gal you are Amy!