June 15, 2009

Our Project is nearing completion...

Here is the almost completed Memorial Day project. The next steps are the curbing and then the mulch and rock. I'm thinking about putting some tall bushes or something behind the tramp. We're going to put mulch all around it and then put some stepping stones right in front of the entrance.

I'm really excited about how well it is turning out. The girls love jumping on the tramp and Jade is really being able to get a lot of good gymnastic skills practice in. Scott's back flips are getting prettier and Ivy is starting to actually jump instead of just bounce. Me, I'm not much for jumping on the tramp. I end up paying for it for several days after- that darn foot of mine.
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Jennifer said...

I went out on our the other night and now the bottoms of my feet are killing me! I must have rubbed them raw. So why don't the kids complain about this? I love how your tramp looks in the ground like that. Very cool.

Kat said...

love it....especially that scott's flips are getting prettier...that is IMPORTANT! i need to come jump soon.