June 28, 2009

Learning with training wheels

I have a daughter that is scared of everything. She is very fragile and cautious. On the trampoline, she bounces on her bum and thinks that is about as much as she will ever dare do. But, all Ivy has wanted to do, all spring and summer, was learn how to ride a bike and she's okay with the idea of training wheels. Finally, Scott put the training wheels back on Jade's bike and let her try it. The whole time, we had to remind her to look up and watch where she was going. She would turn too quickly and nearly fall over. Knowing her hesitant personality, you would think that she would have had enough and put the bike a way forever. Nope- she loved it.

Jade learned how to ride a bike- without training wheels- last year. She's not afraid of climbing a robe, two stories tall, to touch the ceiling, she'll do handstands on the balance beam and back flips on the trampoline. But this girl will not ride a bike. She's simply scared that she'll get hurt. My very resourceful and brilliant husband got his bike down, got it fixed enough to ride it, and put Jade on the back of him. He took her for a ride and got her so excited about riding a bike. She got off his and had Scott take off the training wheels of hers. Then she was off. The bike is too small for her, but she's eager now to get one that will fit her.
I brought my bike up too. My really old Trek that I bought before my mission. It's only 17 years old. Is that too old for a bike?

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Katie Blatter said...

No way that's not too old for a bike...usually...but it will need a tune up! I wish Jacob liked riding his bike more. I think he's scared of falling.