June 22, 2009

Our Helper

Jade loves to help us do yard work. She likes to do the hard stuff, not the weeding or throwing away of the weeds, she likes to shovel. And, she likes to do it with her tongue out. (I have to apologize to her, tongue out is a trait she gets from me. She may look a lot like Scott, but the tongue out when concentrating is definitely an Amy thing).
Anyway, back to the story. My mom and dad came over the other day, and Jade was in the front yard working a way while Scott and I were spreading dirt in the back. My parents arrived and were a bit concerned that Jade might get in trouble for the help that she was providing. They came to the back to let us know that Jade was indeed helping and that if we were bugged by it, we should praise her for her hard work. I'm not sure why we would have been upset, but we heeded their counsel.
When we got to the front, we found that she had moved all of the dirt from the front of the truck bed to the tail gate. She said she didn't want Scott to have to climb in to get it. What a thoughtful little girl. :)

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Lorelie Andrus said...

I love a girl who isn't afraid of a little hard work! She was so happy to be helping.