June 4, 2009

Holy Cow- I totally forgot...

My Blogoversary was on Saturday. I even got a comment congratulating me on 2 years of blogging. Yet, I still forgot to post about it.

Two years ago, Scott was on a business trip. He doesn't travel very often, so when he does, I usually find a little project to do. One of his trips, I hung drapes in my kitchen nook. But, the most memorable project was starting a blog.

I started the blog on an evening in May. I posted a picture and talked myself out of really doing it. So, I had a blog and I didn't even tell Scott that I had one- until December. In fact, I didn't post again until December. So, I'm thinking I should change my "blogoversary" to December 16th and consider May 30th as my "engagement" date.

Now that I post several times a week, I wonder why I couldn't get started back in May 2007. I started this blog as a journal of our family- originally with the intent of sharing it only with Scott. (Who, by the way, started a blog when we went to Germany- but he only posted to it once). Then, in January 2008, I shared it with my mom, and she encouraged me to share it with the rest of the family and friends. So, I did.

I'm a total blog addict. It started innocently enough. My brother and sister-in-law were blogging their way around the world and I'd read their daily posts. I'd get excited reading about their adventures and it would amaze me how many people from around the world would read their story.

Then, I started reading some food blogs. And then my cousins started their blogs. Now, I have a "reader" full of more blogs than I could ever have time to really read. I skim through them and stop if the pictures entice me- if it's a foodie blog. If it's a journal blog, I read it if something about it jumps out at me. It always surprises me how much people are able and willing to share.

When I really started blogging (December 2007), I was expecting to tell stories, open up my heart and soul to be judged or ignored. As I got going, and work and life were so busy, it turned into more of a photo journal. I have enjoyed my photo journal, but also feel like I'm not giving enough of myself to my blog.

I read some blogs and I'm jealous of how candid they are able to be. I laugh when they share conversations between the blogger and their spouse. I wonder if my kids would be more grateful for a journal of pictures with brief explanations or if they would prefer I write of our struggles, our laughter and our joys.

As I go into the 3rd year of my blog, I plan on being more exposed and available. Now to decide if that 3rd year starts now or December. Maybe, I'll just ease into it and be really candid by December.

Since I have a small audience, please, let me know if you like my blog the way it is, or if you wish to have more of Amy-in-real-life. I welcome your comments and am grateful for your support.


D. SKye Hodges said...

I think your blog is perfect, it is fun to read, I love the pictures, I read it in my "reader" [Google, of course] it is nice to stay in contact, even though we don't see you guys much. --The recipes are great, we even try some every now and then--But I mostly read to "see" what you guys are up to. Take care, keep blogging, and don't change too much unless you REALLY want to, it's your blog :)

Kat said...

i like a little of both - your pictures are always fantastic and when you do open up and share, i like reading those too. i think there is a balance to find what pleases YOU most, cause it is your journal, your blog and ultimately you are the only one who matters!

Amy said...

I love your blog(s)! I love your pictures too!!!

I feel like a blog should be whatever you want, or have time for. I feel like I have gotten to know more about you and your family through your blog!!!

I will take whatever you want to dish out! :)