July 20, 2008

The Game of Bocce

The Game our men play at most warm weather family get-togethers is Bocce. Over the years we have purchased many different sets. The first set was my Uncle's. (Although, Scott just pointed out that they weren't even actually Bocce balls). Then the next set came in a bright red bag. In order for everyone to get to play, they had to purchase a second set. My mom drew designs on them so that you could distinguish one set from another. One year, Jon received a set for his birthday. The second time that set was used, Jon threw a ball into a rock and it shattered. His set now has 7. The red sets are now for the kids because we found some nice Eddie Bauer ones at Target.

The game starts with someone throwing the small puck. Next everyone throws their balls trying to get closest to the puck.

Scott commended me on this "action" shot, as it is the most "action" you can get with Bocce.

Once everyone has thrown their balls, you add up the score for the winning team and head out to the next spot to start all over again. The first team to ten wins.

At least those are the rules as we play them. It's always a good time and NOBODY gets hurt.
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tiki_lady said...

our family loves to play bocce ball.

Katie Blatter said...

That is so funny about your 'action shot'! I can't believe you guys pack so many activities into your lives! I wasn't raised that way so I guess I just don't know how to do it. I'm glad your foot isn't holding you back. :)