July 23, 2008

No question here about who is having fun...

It's absolutely no surprise that Jade thoroughly loved Lagoon. Every ride she could go on she enjoyed. It's so fun to see her relaxed and having fun. Sure, she's still 5 and we had some moments of pouting, but not as many as on a normal day.

I don't think we could count how many times Jade went on the Tilt-a-Whirl

Once was enough for this ride- mostly because Dad was soaked.
Rattlesnake Rapids - Ivy is hiding in Dad's arm.
That is one happy little girl!

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Lorelie Andrus said...

These belong in a Lagoon ad!-- but not the one of terrified Ivy hiding next to her Dad.

Pretty impressive photography from a wheelchair.
Hope your foot gets better soon!

Miss Kim said...

I absolutely love that last picture of Jadybug! I think your sooc pics are getting better and better.

Jake Egbert said...

I love the Jade pic in the fountain... I wish it were filled in just a little more, but her expression is priceless!