July 25, 2008

One last Lagoon post...

For those of you wondering how on earth I did Lagoon with my foot, here is your answer....

I sat in the shade as often as I could, I wheeled myself around the park, was pushed by my youngest, took a conference call, did a lot of emails, rested with my foot on many fences and enjoyed watching the girls giggle and smile.

There are a few things that I learned...
1. People are extremely rude. I was shocked at how few or how slowly people would move so a wheelchair could fit through.
2. People stare at someone in a wheelchair like they are a freak
3. Clothing stores and gift shops are not designed to accommodate people in wheelchairs
4. If you see someone in a wheelchair wheeling themselves up a hill, it is okay to ask if they would like some help. It is not okay to ask them stupid questions so that they lose their momentum. It is not okay to stand and watch them.
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Amy said...

Laugh... ok, so I know this post wasn't suppose to be funny, but I am busting up! The picture is cute too by the way!

I hope you get feeling better. And now, when I see someone in a wheel chair, your words will haunt me forever!

We miss you here at work, but I hope you are you starting to feel better!

D. SKye Hodges said...

It was great seeing you guys at Lagoon, sorry you were in a wheelchair. Sorry as well if I wasn't respectful, (I guess it's not nice to call someone in a wheelchair "cripple" either, although hopefully you know that I was just kidding). Anyway, we love you guys; It's funny that KyeLee was so afraid of the rides, but that your girls loved them all so much (as far as I know not afraid of ANYTHING! [just too short for some things]). It was a lot of fun, you take great pictures (Scott took a pretty good one there too LOL). Take care, hope you heal up well.