July 23, 2008

Novell's Lagoon Day..

This week was Novell's Lagoon Day Summer Party. Novell is so large that they actually split up their Lagoon days by department. Scott's brother, Trevor, works for NTS (Novell Technical Services) so we decided to change our tickets to go with NTS rather than with Scott's team. Grandpa Bob's company also does a Lagoon day, so he was able to use his tickets to go with us as well. We also had Scott's sister, Kristal, and her kids join us. It was a great Sanford family activity. This is something that we have had planned for too many weeks to let my foot get in the way of the girls having a lot of fun. Fortunately, my parents (actually my aunt and uncle) still had my grandma's wheelchair. Yes, it's true. I got to do Lagoon in a wheelchair. If my foot would have been feeling any better, I could have enjoyed it and used the wheelchair to butt to the front of the line. It didn't so I didn't do the rides. The group had a great time- despite the heat.

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