July 12, 2008

Swelling and Aching

Well, the coloring isn't as bad today as I expected. But the swelling is worse. Aren't you so glad that I'm confined to my bed and you get to see pictures of my lovely feet. Still not manicured.

The first two pictures were taken at 10:30 in the morning

The second two pictures were taken at 6:00 PM. Can you believe that it just keeps getting worse?

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Lorelie Andrus said...

Your feet look very sad! It looks like you need some Milk Duds and Jolly Ranchers!
We love you and you're in our prayers--

Katie Blatter said...

Amy I'm so sorry!!! :'( Are you putting ice on it?

Tom said...

too bad pink floyd didn't sing about feet feeling like big balloons. So sorry about your piggies, I hope they heal quickly.

mom can kiss them but it doesn't help as much anymore.

tiki_lady said...