July 15, 2008

Went to the doctor...

Well, I'm really not very happy with what the doctor had to say today. He said that I probably tore some muscle as well as ligaments. He said that I will need to stay on the crutches for a while. I can gradually start to put weight on it with pain being my guide. Josh pushed on my foot and manipulated it in ways that made me suffer the rest of the night. Fortunately, he gave me a new pain medication. Unfortunately, he forgot to write the strength, so the pharmacist couldn't fill it.

Bottom line- in 4-6 weeks I will still be feeling pain, but by then I should be off the crutches. If I am not feeling better by Thursday of next week, we'll get another X-ray and just make sure that nothing is broken.

My goals now are to cheer up, start putting putting some weight on my foot and gear up for Lagoon next week.

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