July 14, 2008

Sunday/Monday Foot Update

I wanted to show you the status of my foot. I know, I know- enough about the foot already. I'm sorry it is so much of what is on my mind. Maybe that is because I'm sitting on my fanny all day long. When I do get up, I am constantly reminded why I've been sitting so much. I was reading on the Internet about torn ligaments in feet. What I read was extremely discouraging. They said to expect 3-6 weeks before you are able to put any weight on it and to expect 6 months before you return to normal activity. Guess I won't be running that 5k with Melissa in September. Ugh.

Anyway, below the first two pictures show how my foot looked on Sunday morning. The second two show the progression as of this morning. I think it's safe to say it's maxed out on the swelling. I'm sure the discoloration will continue as the bruising progresses to the next level.

No more pictures. But I will give an update tomorrow after I go to the doctor.

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