November 21, 2009

Coming home from a trip...

...what would be your worst nightmare? Would it be coming home to a burnt down home? A robbery? a drowned home?

Scott's parents came home from a week long trip to the latter. They walked in, from a wonderful trip to the coast, and were greeted by this. Janet grabbed her camera and started snapping away. Then the assessment of their personal belongings began. The printer had leaked black ink all over the desk and floor. The ceiling, obviously, had caved onto their table and their paint hung like a large drop of water waiting to gain enough weight to fall.

This took place the first of September. They won't be back in their house until mid DECEMBER!!! The extent of the damage was crushing. Fortunately, photos weren't ruined and mementos were, for the most part, safe. Some clippings and papers have a little wave to them now, but at least they still have them.

Once the remodel is done, I'll post new pictures.

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Lorelie Andrus said...

This is so-o-o sad. We look forward to the follow-up photos when the repairs are completed.