November 30, 2009

Fun with the Andrus family

My brother and his family are still living in California, at least for the next little while. So for now, we get to go spend time with Tom, Anne and the kids. During our Disneyland part of the trip, Tom, Anne and the little ones joined us for our day at California Adventure Land.
Jade and Ivy always have more fun when there are cousins involved.

Anne was a really good sport and took the kids on the Rattle Snake Rapids. The kids absolutely loved it and Anne put up with being wet and cold the rest of the night.

Tom couldn't ride many of the rides because he gets motion sickness. But he could do the Carousel- and he did A LOT with Ivy. The floated through the sea and they raced to the finish line. The fearsome twosome had an excellent time together.
To finish the night off we all (except Grandpa) rode the Toy Story Arcade game. Scott took first, Tom took second, Kieran took third and well, the rest of us didn't do so hot. Ivy refused to wear her glasses in anything 3D so I doubt she enjoyed it as much as she could have.

After the park we headed out for some excellent Thai food. Tom went to Yelp and found this little restaurant had a 5 star rating for food and only a 1 dollar rating for cost. Since my girls both love curry and the Andrus kids love sticky rice and noodle dishes, we were good to go.
They had wonderful dessert crepes and some of the best sticky white rice with Mango dessert. My Tom Yum soup was a hit and Tom's going to give making it a try. I found this recipe that I might have to try as well.

What a great day we had. There was a major "hiccup" but it will receive it's very own post.

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