November 27, 2009

For the Birds...

When traveling with kids, I think it is wise to always have a pocket full of quarters. Not for buying candy for the kids, but for buying food to feed the animals. At both Sea World and Wild Animal Park, the girls had the most fun getting to feed the animals.

As with everything in her life, Ivy took a much more timid approach to feeding the birds and tossed all of her food at once.
Jade enjoyed getting down on the birds level and feeding them right out of her hand. It tickled a little and took a bit of warming up to, but she loved it.

Once Ivy saw what Jade was doing, she regretted tossing hers so quickly. Jade graciously (truly) shared what she had left with Ivy so that Ivy could attempt feeding them out of her hand. I'm sure you aren't surprised that she freaked out and dropped the food before the birds got close.

The 25 cents was the best 25 cents spent.

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