November 10, 2009

Dancing on a stage...

It's really been quite a while since I've been on the stage. 7 years to be exact- unless you count last year's 4th of July FireGirls 550 South performance.

For many years, dance was something that defined me. My dreams and goals all revolved around dance. But it never felt like the right thing for me to pursue. So I just danced for fun and exercise.

I haven't been in a dance class since Jade was a baby. I've really missed it and have loved being back in a studio. Getting to perform was truly the icing on the cake. It was AWESOME!!!!

I loved the energy backstage and the performers warming up. It was so much fun being part of it all again.

Cass and I are anxious to start class again in January. We're thinking that it would be very fun to start our own belly dancing group. There will need to be more people in our group than just the two of us. And we'll need to learn a LOT more skills- like the vibrating moves and isolation moves.

The concert was really fun and the diversity of the dancers was amazing. They were all sizes, all ages, all walks of life. Some of them were nice and others were rude. But all of us had something in common- we all enjoy belly dancing.

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Amy said...

Looks like so much fun!!