November 20, 2009

Reflections Contest 2009

Last year Jade didn't enter the Reflections contest. Not because she chose not to, but because I didn't know when it was due to talk to her about it. This year, I found out the day before it was due. So, I went through the pictures she had taken and found this one. The theme this year was "Beauty is..." and I thought that this picture represented beauty in Jade's eyes. So I hurried and had it printed off so that she could at least enter the contest.

When I was talking to my mom about the contest, she mentioned the great picture that Jade drew at her house about a week ago. Jade got home from school and I asked her if she wanted to enter in a picture for the contest. She said she wanted to do the pumpkin picture. So, my mom ran and got a mat for it and I went and picked it up.

The night before it was due, Jade wrote about the beauty in each picture and submitted two entries- one in Photography and one in Visual Arts. She was excited to turn them in.

The hardest part about having Jade involved in contests, auditions or meets is having to prepare her for the let down of not winning. Sure, sometimes she will win or make the team, but not always. What is the best way to prepare your child for a let down without discouraging them from putting themselves out there and trying?

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Lorelie Andrus said...

These are very nice entries.
My advice when kids don't win is to tell them the contest was rigged!
Seriously, I think it's wise to prepare kids by explaining that not everybody can win, but let them be proud of their efforts whether they win or not. Most kids enjoy participating, even if they don't win and they can always look forward to the "next time".
I hope the PTA Reflections judges give positive feedback to all the entries-- especially on the primary grade levels.