November 17, 2009

Snowbird Tram- Customer Appreciation Day

Snowbird Ski Resort does a fantastic Customer Appreciation event. The first two weekends of this November, you could donate a can of food and receive a free tram pass.
So we took the opportunity and seized the day. We had a relaxing morning of pancakes and reading. We slowly got ready for the day and headed up for the cold. By cold, I mean 34 degrees cold.
Jade and Ivy were lucky and they got to be up at the front of the tram. The poor woman behind us was struggling with a fear of heights, so my kind husband pointed out whenever we were over a significant drop off. My girls didn't get nervous, but she did. It's amazing how high the tram is, you are looking down on the chairlifts and they look so little. But it was beautiful. Unfortunately there wasn't much snow. I can't imagine them really being able to open for Thanksgiving.

Scott and Josh went 4-wheeling along the road to Provo. Jade was looking so adorable by the sign that I had to capture it.
We got some fun pictures of the family with the beautiful view behind us.

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Stephanie said...

What a fun family outing...and beautiful family pictures too! Your girls are beautiful.