November 1, 2009

The Greedy Witch and the Black Diamonds

My Mom and sister did a lot of work preparing for our family Halloween festivities. One of the special activities that they did was the story of "The Greedy Witch."
The image below, shows some of Mom's props and the scrolls that she "found" in the basement of my grandparent's condo.
(Kat is going to post the whole story, but here's a summary. I'll post a link to Kat's post when it goes up).
The story was about a witch who was very greedy and prideful. She wanted to have all of the riches and all of the glory. So she captured some mice and turned them into perfect black diamonds. Every night they would turn back into mice, so she had to make sure to only show them during the day. She would brag about them and show them off. One day she didn't realize the time, so she hurried and sped off on her broom before the sun set. Something went wrong with her broom and she dropped her bag of jewels. The bag was found by an owl that lived in the corkscrew willow. The owl ate all of the little black mice. The next morning, the mice turned back into diamonds. So the owl had to cough them up one by one.
My Mom took the kids out to her corkscrew willow where the kids were able to search and find 3 black diamonds. But they had to be careful about the other little creatures that they mind find. (The each found 2 creepy crawly bugs).

If the diamonds are found by a kind and caring soul, they will stay diamonds, but if they fall into the hands of someone that is greedy, they'll turn back into mice.
Later Halloween night...
Ivy and Jade were each enjoying Smarties from their Halloween stash. Jade asked Ivy if she could trade a pink for a yellow. Ivy wouldn't share and jumped on her pile of Smarties so that Jade couldn't reach them.
"Ivy, do you want your diamonds to turn into mice?" I ask her.
She let go of her stash and jumped on the couch. A few minutes later she says to me,
"Mom, do you think my diamonds turned into mice?"
"I don't know sweetie, are you being greedy?"
"No, I'm being nice. So will the mice be diamonds again?"
I love when stories have lessons that kids can relate to and want to follow or learn from.

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