November 15, 2009

Santaquin's Family Tree Restaurant

I'm wishing now I would have taken a picture of this little restaurant on Main Street in Santaquin. I've been searching the web for a picture of this restaurant but have had no luck. Just a number of reviews and listings of its location and phone number.

Anyway, after a great day at the Sand Dunes, the group wanted to go to dinner in Santaquin. If you have never driven through Santaquin, you aren't missing much, it's a very small town. Now, after having eaten at the Family Tree, I recommend you make a stop there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or if you just need a snack- their scones are a meal by themselves and VERY delicious.

Everyone raved about their meals and plates were all but licked clean. The servings are huge!

Many enjoyed the manager's grandmother's fresh baked Chocolate Cake. The rest of us indulged on their fresh caramel popcorn balls.

The atmosphere is just what you would expect at a little family run business. Old family pictures hanging on all of the walls, a banquet room in the back with long tables and pictures of brides and graduating classes as decoration. The restaurant was full of happy people filling their bellies with homemade rolls and roast beef.

When we got home, I told my mom that we stopped and ate in Santaquin. She immediately said, "At the Family Tree?" Apparently, she and my dad stop there anytime they are in Santaquin. (Why would they be in Santaquin? When my dad was a football coach at Lehi, they would travel to Santaquin for games. Lehi and Santaquin are no longer the same sized schools).

Go give it a try...

77 W Main St

Santaquin, UT 84655-7083

(801) 754-3499

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Kat said...

i love the family tree too - we used to eat there when i was down there for softball!