November 2, 2009

The Images of Halloween...

A final wrap up of our Halloween activities.
Jade and Luke have a really cute little dance that they started doing the other night when they were with my mom. They wanted to get it caught of film. Cute silly Grim Reaper and Corpse Bride.
Grandma put together a story of an old withered corpse. It was an awesome story. She spent a lot of time gathering the pieces of Old Man Brown's corpse. As she told the story, we each had to reach in and feel the inside of the bags holding each body part. There were his ears, his eyes, his heart, his brain, his hair, his hand, and his nose. They were all really gross things that we had to touch and Ivy wouldn't touch all of them. Jade was fascinated by them and did a really great job of figuring out what everything was. Here's a picture of all of the bags of stuff.

The moon came up early in the evening and the full moon looked amazing over the mountain.
The girls' loot with their costumes tossed to the side. The girls had to sort their candy as soon as they were both home. (Ivy ended her night a little early because she was cold and "sensitive"). They put them in the following groupings... chocolate, candy, tootsie rolls, suckers and nerds. Ivy's filled one gallon ziploc and Jade's filled 1 1/2 gallon ziplocs. Last year their candy lasted until about a week ago. We'll see how long it lasts this year.
The huge mounds of candy came from trick or treating at my office, trunk or treat with Aunt Kat and Uncle Jon's ward and trick or treating in our neighborhood with Dad. Ivy said multiple times that this was her BEST Halloween ever.
I really do love Halloween.

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