November 24, 2009

Marinetime San Diego

Before we headed out to Sea World, we took a walk downtown. It was fun to see the boats and get a little exercise- okay it felt like a lot of exercise.

We walked and walked and walked and carried Ivy. We thought it was only going to be a super short walk to get down to the boats, but we were wrong. And of course, as soon as we got down to the water, Ivy had to take a potty break. So Scott and Jade continued down to the boats. Ivy and I walked and walked and walked to find her a restroom.
We saw 14 dogs on our little walk. The girls counted- not me.
The walk back was really long too, but Scott and Jade started playing a game where they avoided cracks in the sidewalk. He is such a playful dad, and can turn a tough moment into a playful one.
Ivy and I walked slower behind them- actually I walked and Ivy was carried. Ivy got all "sweated out" which is her way of saying that she's worn out.

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Lorelie Andrus said...

Good thing Ivy can always find a willing carrier!