December 10, 2010

Heber Valley Railroad

During the summer, Screamin Coupons had a sweet deal for the Heber Valley Railroad.  So we jumped at the chance to go.  But, the tickets weren't as easy to use as we had hoped.  We tried to go with my parents but missed the train by minutes.  But we managed to get up there the day before it expired.  (I am really not a fan of expiration dates).
It was an absolutely beautiful day with clouds that looked like they were airbrushed in the sky.  The temperature was a little nippy but very pleasant.  The girls enjoyed riding in the inside cabin on the way out of town.  They drew most of the way and had a great time playing around.  On the way home, Jade fell asleep and Ivy made new friends.  (Cause that is what she does).
It was a three hour round trip ride.  We started out in Heber and went down Vivian Park in Provo Canyon.  They gave us a few minutes off the train while they turned the engine around.  Then we headed back to Heber.  The girls thought it was really cool and worth doing.

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