December 14, 2010

In October the water is COLD

It was a warm day in October.  Warm is relative.  The water was absolutely COLD.  Many of us weathered the cold.  Jade and Madeline did some knee surfing (knee boarding on a surf board).  They loved it.

Ivy wasn't really into the idea of really cold water.

It was a really fun last day on the lake.

But, then pain happened.  Ivy was running and face planted.  She forgot to put her hands down and landed flat on her face.  Blood started gushing and her nose puffed up like a balloon.  So we rushed her to the hospital.  After all, she is my daughter and when hands don't stop our falls our noses get broken.

Luckily, Ivy is too young to break her nose.  So after an X-ray we were sent on our way with an ice pack.

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