December 30, 2010

Thanksgiving - a little diifferent

As you may know, I am very into ceremony and tradition.  I find stability and serenity in the production of holidays.  But this year was destined to be different.  It was my family's year rotation for Thanksgiving, but with Anne's sickness, everyone agreed that Mom and Dad needed to be out there with them for the holiday.

What that meant for us was we were left to our own devices to celebrate the holiday.

Scott has always wanted to go to a restaurant for Thanksgiving.  I don't think sitting in covered wagons was what he envisioned, but with little kids, it sounded like a fun Thanksgiving dinner.  So we joined up with Scott's parents fordinner in Ogden at Prairie Schooner.

The company was fantastic, the ambiance was really fun and the food was in HUGE portions and pretty good.  I think the part that surprised us all the most was that going to a restaurant for Thanksgiving Dinner is not cheaper than cooking it yourself.  But there is less mess.

After dinner we went to a movie.  Which I do think is a great Thanksgiving day activity, but so does the rest of Ogden.  We went and saw Tangled.  We all thought it was just okay.  As we have heard everyone else raving about it, we are not thinking maybe it was the venue that made us enjoy it less.  It was a small screen and there were flecks that I found myself tracking throughout the movie.

It was a different Thanksgiving.  But it was an enjoyable one.  Do I want to go to a restaurant again for Thanksgiving?  NO.  Wait, did I say that too forcefully?  I prefer a good old family cooked meal even if there are parts of it that are cold.  But, I also know that Scott is definitely up for dining out again for the biggest meal of the year.

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