December 15, 2010

Kennecott Copper Mine

Whenever we are given the opportunity to explore something new in Utah, we try to take it.    So when we heard that Scott’s parents, aunt and grandpa were going to the Kennecott tour, we jumped at the chance.  The Kennecott mine is the largest of its kind.  It is visible from space and has produced more copper than any other mine.  The amazing thing about the mine is that the copper that is taken from the mine is such a low grade of copper and they have to go through quite the process to extract the copper.  During the process, they also refine silver and gold.
The trucks that move the rocks are SOOOOO big.  See the tire that is more than twice my height?  That’s from one of the trucks.  Pretty cool huh?  Know what else is cool?  Grandpa Great is having a lot of fun in his old age.  Earlier this year he played Twister with the girls and then this summer he went WATER SKIING!!!!!  He didn’t get up and blamed the life jacket and the wet suit.  He said that next time he’ll just wear the old white life belt.

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