December 4, 2010

Lake Powell - Day 3 Swimming

To end our Sunday afternoon we all set out to find a swimming cove.  There was a great cliff to jump off of and water so deep it was nearly black.

We didn't let Jade jump off the cliff, much to her dismay.  But I have this HUGE fear of doing certain things on Sunday.  Cliff diving fits into that category of things not to do.  Sure, she had a life jacket on.  Sure, she would have jumped out far enough.  But what if she hit the water just the wrong way and hurt her back.  Or what if her arms went over her head and the force of the water took her life jacket off.  (It isn't like Ivy's that has the strap that goes between her legs). So, we didn't let her.  Granted, even if it wasn't Sunday it still would have made me very nervous).

Ivy had a blast just swimming around and hanging on me.

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