December 2, 2010

Lake Powell- Day 3 - The Hike

Day 3 was Sunday, so we didn't do any water skiing or wake boarding.  We spent a lot of the time relaxing in the sun and tying down camp to protect it from the wind storms.

Scott and Dan took all of the "bigger" kids on a quick hike up above camp.  They had a great time but the path that they used to come down from their hike was two coves over.   Which meant they had to take off shoes and the camera so that they could swim back to our beach.  The mom's at camp watching were all very nervous when we realized none of them had life jackets on.  (Who knew going on a hike above camp would result in a swim)?

The kids loved hiking and I am so grateful that Scott is always up for an adventure with the kids.  (You might remember that he took the kids for a hike when we went to Yuba Lake as well).

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