June 7, 2008

Wishful thinking....

These are the two lenses that I want. Both of which I will never deserve nor have. The first is the 80-400mm VR. Which if I had a studio and this was my profession, would be an awesome lens to have. Unfortunately, I don't and I'm not a professional. Oh well.

The second one I really really want, the 135 mm f/2 DC. It would be so fun because of the Defocus Image Control feature. That means it focuses just on your subject and the background is fuzzy. You can even set the shape of the fuzziness. (It's called BOKEH)

Well, maybe one day I can justify at least the bottom spend. The other lens I need is a really good one for inside action shots- like gymnastics. But, from everything I'm reading, the best way to accomplish that is with the new Nikon D300. Oh well. :) Have to dream a little here and there.
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Lorelie Andrus said...

SIt never hurts to dream! Besides... Santa might read blogs.