June 28, 2008

Our less adventurous one...

Ivy was so excited to go swimming at Aunt Carole's. She jumped up from her nap and grabbed her swimsuit because it was time to go "wimming." The second we got there, she was in the water.

She constantly informed us that she was swimming and that it was fun.

But when Scott wanted to throw her into the air, she wasn't nearly so thrilled about swimming. She'd smile every time he'd do it, but then she'd beg for no more.

She didn't spend too much time in the pool She walked around the pool, sat in a cute chair and cheered for Jade while she played basketball.

Ivy is coming out of her shell, some, but she's still a bit more cautious than her sister.

Thanks again for letting us use your pool, Aunt and Unc!
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