June 15, 2008

There are days in my life...

when I ask myself, "Amy, remember the hottie that you married? WHAT HAPPENED?"

Oh wait, that is just a silly mirror in a dressing room.

When he does things like this with our girls, I'm extremely happy that he is the "hottie" that I married. While I was checking out at the Gap, he ran outside to get the camera. Then he took us all back to the fitting room. Here is a sample of some of the very funny cute pictures that captured the moment. Can you believe it was the DAD that insisted on photographing the series? I love that about Scott!

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D. SKye Hodges said...

I love that last picture (where their legs are a mile long) that is so funny! (well, all the pictures are funny), Scott is awesome, because he's like Peter Pan, he will never grow up (in a good way). He likes to make others laugh, and does a good job at it. GREAT pics!!

Kat said...

Jade definitely got your legs Amy!