June 28, 2008

Little Ninja Belt Promotion...

Today was a special day for our "little ninja." Once the kids have received enough "tips" on their belt, they get to advance to the next "little ninja" belt. In order to advance they have to pass off several skills. Today they showed us the T-stance, kicks and the 1-2 punch. Jade was the only little girl there. At first she was a bit distracted because she was waiting for Lukie to get there. I had to go whisper in her ear that Lukie wasn't coming and that she just needed to focus. After that, she did a great job. She had some good hits and some fantastic kicks. I wish I could have gotten better pictures of the kicks and the punches, but oh well.

First punches

Passing them off with the leaders

A great double kick. She did multiple double kicks and chicken kicks.

Here is our proud "little ninja" with her new belt.

Afterward we took some group pictures but I wasn't real impressed as some of the boys wouldn't face forward etc.
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