June 22, 2008

Father-Kid Camp Out

This weekend our church had the Father-Kid camp out. I'm really glad that they made it "kid" instead of limiting it to sons. Scott wouldn't ever get to participate if it really was just for the boys. They had a fantastic time.

Justin helped the kids with their fishing poles. Unfortunately they "didn't catch any fish because they were all dead." At least that is what Jade told me when they called to say good night.

The kids had an absolute blast running around. Scott said it was better the night they got there than in the morning. Jade was wearing a pink shirt and stood out on Friday. In her black and jeans she blended in a bit more and made it hard for him to keep track of her.

They went to a private campground not far from Thanksgiving Point.

Afterwards, Jade was exhausted. I asked her if she had fun, here is her answer...
"Not so much. I don't want to go camping again. I didn't catch any fish and I got hurt." (She burned her finger playing with fire). So I asked her if she wanted to go camping again. To that she answered "YES!" So, even with a burnt finger and no fish, she wants to do it again.
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