June 26, 2008

The Drowsy Chaperone---

We had a wonderful night at the Drowsy Chaperone. Thank you Bob and Janet for putting it together, we really should do things like this more often. I'm sad Scott couldn't come but I'm glad Melissa was available and willing to come with me.

Since we don't get our pictures taken together very often, we took advantage of the opportunity. I may have to scan some of our old ones and do a post of Amy and Melissa through the years. OH HOW WE'VE CHANGED! I guess being friends for 18 years will do that. Can you believe it's been 18 years!!! Okay we're 6 months shy of 18 years, but still.

Unfortunately I have a double chin in this picture and Melissa looks great.

So, I fixed my double chin in this one. Look we almost look 20 again. (Be nice, we aren't getting any younger.)

And now for the up close that isn't shooting up at us. I have to say, end of quarter is wearing on me. Look how tired my eyes are.

A quick review of the show... It was very very funny. I would recommend it. If you are easily offended by sexual innuendos, you won't find it funny. Although, the older lady next to Melissa did laugh at ONE of the jokes. I really enjoyed the "man in the chair" and found him to be very pleasing and fun to watch. We saw him afterwards and he was a real cute young kid- not at all what I expected after watching him in the show. We thought the whole cast was pretty old (you know, old like me and Melissa), but when they came out after the show was over, they were almost all very young. The seats were great and there wasn't a piece of the stage that we couldn't see. If you have a chance to go to see this show, do it. It's very entertaining. (Oh and did I mention that it was really short? and that there was no intermission?- Intermissions ruin the moment ;) so this play didn't have one.)
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mel said...

In some ways, I think we are better than when we were 20!