June 16, 2008

All of the Sanford grand kids

On Saturday we went to the farm at Thanksgiving Point with all of the Sanford kids. After we had looked at the animals, taken multiple rides on the horses it was time to go. I wanted to get a picture of all of the grand kids together. Hoping there would be one that would be print-worthy as a gift for Grandma Janet and Grandpa Bob. Well, take a look and tell me what you think. Does one of them work?

A) Ivy dancing, Will being placed back in, Matthew checking out what's going on with Will, Peter wiping his eyes, Nathan with his hands in front of his face, Jade, Emily and Luci almost all looking good.

B) Who is trying to get the kids to smile? And why are they not standing behind the person with the camera? Great smiles on several of them, just not towards the camera.

C) Oh look, the same person is getting more great smiles, just still not getting them to look towards the camera.

D) Could this one be the best? Umm, I'm not sure. I'm torn between C and D.
Maybe we will have to try again next Saturday at the family reunion. Only next time, I'll get who ever it is that is so good at getting great smiles to stand next to me. I really think a great picture of the grand kids would be a lot of fun.

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