August 23, 2008

Gymnastics is FUN

At the end of summer and the end of the year, Bug's gymnastics class gets to do a recital or meet. They get trophies or medals and have a blast.
Here is Bug with her friends Kylie and Annie.

Cute Bug posing for me :)

I have to apologize that the photography is not very good. A flash really does nothing when she's so far away.

I can't get over how high she gets on the rope. There are no knots on it at all. This one is a little dark but I liked how it shows the girls and their wave of back walk overs.

Here is a little series of Bug doing a back walk over.

After the floor they did a routine on the balance beam.

Then they moved on to the bars. I think the bars is Bug's strength, but the beam is her favorite.

After they finished all of the events, Bug received a cute medal and posed on the podium.
Here's her team picture.
I've really been impressed with her gymnastics and how far she's come. She has learned so much about discipline and listening to a teacher. I really think it helps her in school.


Katie Blatter said...

Wow! I am constantly amazed at Jade's talent at...I don't know what to call it...using her body as an artform. She has such great form in everything! I never got to do anything 'extracurricular' but I did take belly dancing after high school. I know that awesome feeling when you finally 'get' something (a move) and do it right!

Kat said...

this makes her aunt kat very proud. :)

Lorelie Andrus said...

These photos really capture the event. It's fun to see her progress and her sense of accomplishment. We love those pointed toes!

~Nikki said...

she's got skills!!!