August 20, 2008

Long awaited Foot Update...

I'm sure you have all been dying to hear the latest on my foot. So here it is two weeks after the surgery. Pretty huh? Look at how skinny my leg is!!! Holy cow. And I still have 5 more weeks of not putting any weight on it. I was really disappointed in the stitching job my doctor did. (Although I think he did a fantastic job on the inside and that is what matters). There are three incisions and there were only 6 stitches on my whole foot. So much for looking hot in black strappy sandals. Spry says no one is going to notice my scar. So, if you see my foot in black strappy sandals, pretend you don't see the big fat scar, please.

Since my mom came with me, she decided to document me at the doctor's. There are so few pictures of me, that I decided to add it. Again, notice my skinny little leg. Crazy stuff.

Well, in 5 weeks I'll start physical therapy and I'm another 6 weeks in a really heavy black boot. Guess we have to get to Disneyland before my 11 weeks are up.
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Katie Blatter said...

Wow, I can't believe how quickly our bodies can change. It's going to be quite a task when you can walk again. I remember how I had muscle atrophy in my jaws after having them wired shut for only 10 days! Man your leg is small! :)

Lorelie Andrus said...

When you wear your strappy sandals... keep smiling and nobody will notice your scar!