August 29, 2008

Dive's faces...

During a matter of minutes, Dives can work her way through many emotions. She can go for such a sad pitiful cry to a loud giggle. I decided tonight to capture just a few of them.

Bug had sprayed her with the water. I know, I know, she's in her suit so you would think she'd be okay about getting wet, but she is NOT.

From the time she was a little baby she would look at you from the corners of her eyes. With as dark as her eyes are, it's a very striking look. One that would often times stop me in my tracks wondering what she was thinking about while watching me.

If there was ever any doubt about her being my daughter, just look at the tongue. Spry has always teased me that I can't concentrate with my tongue in my mouth. I sure hope I don't have this look at business meetings- at least not very often. On Dives, it's adorable. On a grown woman, not so hot.

Eyebrows down. She must be thinking about something. Probably trying to decide when would be a good time for her to scream "NO" at Bug and get her in trouble. It had been at least 5 minutes, so it was about time.
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Ro said...

your girls are gorgeous! ivy is looking more and more like you!