August 13, 2008

Tagged... again

Several months ago my little sister tagged me. Today my nanny tagged me.

Here goes...

3 Joys -

My family

My flowers

Giggles and Kisses from my girls

3 Fears-

Failing to teach my kids about the Gospel

Failing to have my kids know that they are the most important thing in our lives

Not getting to spend enough time with my girls and Spry

3 Goals -

Get off my crutches and walk- maybe run soon (Okay I know that's not really up to me)

Find something every day that makes me smile

Try harder to be the person I was went I met Spry

3 Facts about me

I actually like working but I don't like that it takes me away from my girls

I obsess about ways to make my life better, happier, richer, free-er (is that a word? can I pretend that it is?)

I read way too many blogs

3 Obsessions/Collections

Right now I'm obsessing about my foot and how upset it makes me to be down with it up

I obsess about my garden and how my summer bulbs are doing (I planted 202 of them- so far there is only one type of bulb that didn't grow so I have about 180 plants in my garden just from bulbs). See obsessing.

When I am not regularly cooking dinner, treats or breakfast I get a pit in my stomach because I'm not being a good mom. So- my obsession is cooking for my family

Basically what I've learned about myself doing this tag, and you will probably agree, I'm an obsessive freak. Time to go check Google Reader and see if anyone I know has updated their blog.

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