August 3, 2008

The night before their departure (or so we thought)

My brother's family comes and spends every summer with my parents. It's the time of year that my parents look forward to and plan for for months. They pack the month (usually it's two months) full of activities for each age group. The big boys work out with my dad, play with their friends, practice their guitar and drums, blow up stuffed animals with fireworks, go play Frisbee golf with Hottie and swim in the pool at my Aunt and Uncle's. The littles go to the "head-off" museum, the farm, the dinosaur museum, play in the pool and take karate. They are going constantly. By the time they go home, Bug can't imagine life without Ash and Dive's is addicted to the hugs from the guys.

Friday night was supposed to be their last night. But, there were a few hiccups that kept them from leaving as planned. So, they left this morning. We will definitely miss them.

This year was very different from past years. Usually my brother and sister-in-law plan a two week trip just for them, and my folks keep their kids. Also, Tommy usually spends a lot more time with us- this year, he was here for the 4th and the 5th of July. That was it :( I absolutely love having him around- so it stunk getting to spend so little time with him.

Now back to the pictures below... On their planned last night, Grandma printed off a bunch of pictures and the kids colored for about an hour and a half- basically until we dragged our kids home.

Bug and "Haired-is-son"

Beautiful Ash

Dive's- in the same pose her mom takes when she's concentrating.

Well, we will miss you guys a bunch. Glad we got to spend a little bit of time together. Love you!!!
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