August 29, 2008

Bug's new body art

I've always wanted a tattoo but I've had issues with the commitment. I'm obviously not a commitment-phob but I couldn't commit to a real tattoo. So I, at times, will find myself with a thin sharpie in a pretty color drawing a cute little flower or butterfly or angel on my ankle. They don't last long- maybe a day or two. Just long enough for me to enjoy my "ink" or body art.

Last weekend my mom found some Bic permanent markers in beautiful colors. Neat browns. Pretty pinks. Dashing blues. And regal purples. She bought some for herself and I couldn't be left out. So, she and dad went the next day to get me some. I love permanent markers!

Dives was the first to get one. Then Bug needed some too. While I was doing the art work, Nanny was sitting in shock. She grew up in a home that discouraged drawing on yourself. Okay, so my parents always told me not to draw on myself either. But, if we did it was laughed about. (Unless of course it was answers to a biology quiz or a boys phone number.)

So here's Bug's Art.

Daddy's JadyBug- she smeared the Lady Bug a bit.

Mommy's Angel- the pink was a little lighter than I would have liked, but I didn't want to mess it up by tracing over it with a darker color.

Her butterfly. The dark part had been a lime green but Bug doesn't like green so I had to change it. She says you can still see some of the green and that doesn't make her very happy.

Finally, Bug got that tat that I would have gotten if I ever had the nerve to do it. This is her guardian angel and it is on her right shoulder blade. Cute huh?

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Katie Blatter said...

I think that (if you're not glad already) when you get to see Heavenly Father again you will be glad you didn't get a tatoo. His Prophets have said not to get them. I have two that I had gotten previous to the time I learned about His church. I still love the pretty pictures, but it is hard to explain to my children why I have them and why they shouldn't get them. Just because I take the name of Christ upon me, I would rather not have them. I still try to be the best example of Him as I can be though! :) I think it's fun that you did this for your little ones! :)