August 20, 2008

Pool Bug

My Parents gave the kids each a swim lesson today. Gwen was one of my mom's students a few years ago. I was so impressed with how she handled the girls- both of them. Here are a few pictures from Bug's lesson.

Doing the Backstroke.

Doing the "Elementary Backstroke"- here she is in the "cheerleader" position

and here she is pulling everything together. I forgot what she called this position. I'll ask Bug tomorrow and let you know.

She sang a great version of "The Wheels on the Bus" with both girls. Here she is doing the babies on the bus kicking.

We'll definitely have to take a couple more classes from her. I wish I could take a class from her too. Maybe in a few months.
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~Nikki said...

those are darling pics of your little mermaid!!!