August 29, 2008

We love when Daddy washes the car

By the time the girls got to play in the water, Spry was done washing the car and waxing it. (It does look beautiful right now- too bad the rain this coming Sunday and Monday will ruin that.) Anyway, the girls like to put on their swimming suits and play with the hose. Here are a few fun pictures of our little Bug playing with the water.

I've been playing around a lot with manual modes on my camera. It's difficult for me because I have been pretty happy with how well my camera does in auto mode. But, I'm learning and messing around with the shutter speed has created some fun action to these pictures.

I love watching Bug when she's happy and having fun. It makes my whole world light up. It's times like this that I beat myself up over going to work every day.

I love the way she can play and play with water and find fun and different things to do with an everyday hose. (That hose is not the one that I broke my foot on).

I realized- after taking several pictures- that I would get better pictures of her if I put her hair back up in a ponytail. So I did. Isn't it cute how it revealed her temporary angel tattoo?

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Kat said...

nice tats sis. :) fun pictures!

Amy said...

Awesome pictures!!!!

We miss you here at work!