August 14, 2008

Church History Field Trip with Grandma

Tomorrow my mom and dad are taking the Utah grandkids up to the "This is the place" monument and pioneer village. My mom thought it would mean more to the older kids if they had a little bit more history before going there. She took them to see the Joseph Smith movie and toured the Beehive house. Bugs was so excited to tell us about Joseph Smith and how he was killed and his leg operation when he was young. Tomorrow will be a neat experience for them. They will get to see how the pioneers lived and learn of the sacrifices they made to follow their beliefs and live the way they felt was right. I love watching the bigs learn about the gospel and about the history of this beautiful state where they live. I can't wait to hear about the stories tomorrow.

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Lorelie Andrus said...

The film at the Legacy Theater shows a very human side of Joseph Smith that helps young and old to appreciate his life and work. I was pleasantly surprised at how attentive our 5 year olds were throughout the film and how much they learned from it. This was a good outing!