August 14, 2009

The Ballerina in our house...

Every summer, we sign up for the Jacqueline's School of Ballet Summer Workshop. I really love the technique that the girls learn at that studio and would love to have the girls there during the school year but for Ivy's age it is creative movement and she's learning a lot of skills at the Vibe. That being said, their summer workshop is WONDERFUL. Each week they focus on a different ballet. The girls get to learn about the story and they do a dance telling the whole story. On the last day, Ivy got a beautiful crown. She was so proud of it and felt very much like a princess.
Here are a few pictures of Ivy. I had to be a pushy mom and move in front of some other mom's while Ivy was doing her across the floor, but since I only got to go watch one time, I justified it. The first two are through the glass and there is some reflection, but the last two, I snuck my lens through the door.

PS- Ivy made the Boogie Baby jazz company at the VIBE. She is so excited.

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