August 17, 2009

My Mom (and Dad's) Birthday Party

My mom and dad get to celebrate their birthdays in July- which means they get to have the whole family gathered to help them party. (As you might remember from earlier posts, the 4th of July is in some family-tradition-ways is more important than Christmas.
One tradition that we follow, almost every year, is Pavlova for my mom's birthday treat. I remember when I was little, my grandparents would order a really fancy big one for my mom. Then when she and Carole learned how to make it, we started having individual sized pavlovas that we top on our own. The ordered ones were beautiful and tasty, but I like the personal sized ones better. Although I can never eat just one.
My dad, usually, doesn't get to "pick" his dessert, which he's okay with, because he loves the pavlovas too. But, when I was little, I remember my aunt Carole would make dad the yummiest Lemon Meringue pie. It was so delicious and it was always beautiful. This year, we enjoyed the pavlovas. Next year, maybe Aunt Carole will make the pie again. - unfortunately, I'm not sure she can make it gluten free. We'll have to see.

Above are two of the gifts that they received this year for their birthday. The top is a painting by my cousin Cassandra Barney and the bottom one is by my uncle Jim. I really love them both. Cassie's is called "the Atonement" and I think it is absolutely stunning. Uncle's is "Outside the Box" I want this painting to hang above my desk, so I can be reminded to think outside the box more often.
Enough about the event, and now a little about my parents. They are both caring, loving and thoughtful parents and grandparents. It amazes me how willing they are to go out of their way to make other's day better and easier. If we ever need help, they will drop whatever they are doing and be at our side. If we are struggling with something, they never hesitate to provide aid or suggestion. I love that they will come over after the girls have gone to bed to watch 24 or Lost with us. Pretty much, I just love them with all of my heart.

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad- a little late.

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Kat said...

awwww what a sweet post about our awesome folks!