August 22, 2009

The tender one...

We had a marathon week of activities to end our summer. We ended it at Seven Peaks Water Park. We had a beautiful day and the girls loved getting to do an activity during the week and during the day with both parents in tow. It, sadly, doesn't happen very often. Every summer, I say I'm going to take Fridays off. This summer, I did a better job of taking "some" Friday's off.
The girls showed their true colors, one more time, while we were at the park.
Ivy was content to hang out with me, float down the lazy river, sit on the blankets and get some sun or play in the kiddie pool.
We really wanted her to go down one water slide, and there are several kids sized ones to do. She kept resisting, and finally Scott was able to convince her to go down one with him. She got soaked and got out of the slide and cried. It wasn't her best experience of the day- at all.
She eventually got over it and was willing to flash us her beautiful and tender hearted smile.

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