August 3, 2009

Summer means camps...

Some kids, like Mac, go away for summer camps. Some are all summer long. Some are for the church youth- just for a week. Others are for sports. And still others are for arts and crafts. This summer, our little girls, Jade and Asher, got to do volleyball camp with Aunt Kat and Uncle Tom.

They absolutely loved it and have been practicing ever since.

The sad part, a couple days later, Jade pulled me aside and said...

"Mom, you don't care about me very much."

"Why is that?"

"Because, you never taught me how to play volleyball like Aunt Kat and Uncle Tom did. So they care about me more."

I had to explain to her that I love her so much I didn't want to ruin her volleyball game by me being her teacher. She would never have enjoyed it and, let's be honest, she wouldn't have been very good at all. I am not an athlete, it is not something I can help her with. But, she understands now, that I really do love her, more than anyone else.

Her answer?

"Maybe you and I should play volleyball and I can teach you."

Fair enough. She was kind of a natural at it and so was Asher.

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Kat said...

that was REALLY funny. and a really FUN day!